Direction Home

by Nathaniel Krikke

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released August 6, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Nathaniel Krikke

Mastered by Mitchell Veldhuisen (Fieldhouse Records)

All instrumentation by Nathaniel Krikke



all rights reserved


Nathaniel Krikke Vega, Alberta

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Track Name: Roam On
You've gotta get yourself off of that freeway
Cause the freeway just ain't so free
You've gotta find that straight northern highway
That takes you home as sure as can be

You've gotta roam on just as far as you can roam
Always know which direction is home
You've gotta roam on when you've got no place to go
This boy was born to roam.

When you find yourself crossing the county line
To the sights and memories of old
There is no better sight than the great smiling sky
No matter what you've been told

Track Name: Rusty Old John Deere
I grew up in a land of gold that the winter changed to white
Where all you had was yours to hold; there was no need to fight
When you drove down the old highway to that little rascal's town
You'd always give a farmer's wave to everyone around.

It's hard to explain that way of life, some folks don't understand
It's a freedom that I've known and loved - wandering the open land
I've been living in the city for a while with the stores and fancy lights
But I'll be damned if I ever leave the country for the rest of my life.

Not in the name of progress, not in the name of law
Not in the name of the 21st century will you take my freedom away.

My fondest memories are on the seat of a rusty old John Deere
Sitting upon my father's lap and trying my best to steer
That old John Deere has seen its days, my grandpa bought it used
And it's looking like she'll be a-workin' like a horse for another generation too.

I want my children to grow up right and learn to work the land
No they won't be the type who expect things to fall into their hands
They'll learn to have fun with nothing but mud and they'll get a scrape or three
And I hope they don't care if they're rich or poor; I'll raise em to be free.

Track Name: Home On The Range
Home, home on the range
Where the deer and the cattle would graze
Where seldom was heard a discouraging word
And the skies were not cloudy all day.

Home, home on the range
Where I spent all my childhood days
Folks said "Welcome inside, ain't got no trespassing sign"
And the mothers all watched their kids play.
Track Name: Why Did Adam
Mama why are some rich while others are poor?
Why do we all want more money?
Why do we have a thing called money at all?

Mama what is success and how do you get there,
and how do you know when you've gone too far?
Mama why did Adam eat that fruit at the fall?

And how did Adam like them apples?
Did they taste real sweet?
Oh them apples must have tasted real sweet.

Mama what is religion and what is faith,
and why do we need to separate?
Why can't people all love each other the same?

Mama why does the world seem like its dying?
Why do we all insist on lying?
Mama why did Adam eat that fruit that day?

Track Name: Don't Wanna Bring You Down
I don't wanna bring you down
I don't wanna bring you down
When I bury my head in the ground
I don't wanna bring you down

When the leaves turn to brown and fall to the ground
So do I, my dear, so do I
It's a struggle not to drown in the rush of this town
But it's alright, my dear, it's alright


Since the day I was born, I've had a soul that's torn
By the things in this world that don't feel right
I guess some things never change, and when the mark is out of range
That is when I start to question my own mind

We've been in this town too long and it's hard to write a song
That is not filled with worry or with doubt
Sometimes I feel stuck, like I've used up all my luck
And that is when I get the need to reach out


And though I try to be, you're still stronger than me.
Track Name: Drinkin' Friends
I need a friend to share a drink with tonight
So I don't have to drink alone
I've got me a home and I love me a wife
But I need me a drinkin' friend.

I don't much care for worldly things
But my guitar and this beer in my hand
And they're better off shared with people who care
Like my old drinkin' friends.

Sometimes it's a blessing; sometimes it's a shame
How life gives and takes away
Sometimes you find yourself standing with a bottle in your hand
But you can't find your drinkin' friends.

When we all get to heaven like I pray we will
We might be singing and drinking on a hill
And I know we'll all be together, things will be better
My dear old drinkin' friends.
My brothers, my drinkin' friends.
Track Name: Postcard Song
Been looking back at the days
When we all used to say we'd stick together
Right by each other's sides
Well I had music to play
And I'm sorry I had to stray just a little
And get a little high.

And so my friends I am singing to you
Hoping that I haven't done you wrong
So my friends I am singing to you
This simple postcard song.

Been looking back at the days
Back at all the songs we'd sing around the fires
and up inside the barn
Now I spend my days
All pretty much the same with my woman
And I'm singing alone so far.

So my friends I am singing to you
Hoping that you might sing along
So my friends I am singing to you
This simple postcard song.

Been looking back at those days
And I hope you're doing ok and most of all
I hope you all still get along
We live so far away
but I'm sure we'll have our days spent together
And we'll sing many more songs.

So my friends I am singing to you
Hoping that you'll all hear this song
So my friends I am singing to you
This simple postcard song
Track Name: The Place Where I'm Headin'
The place where I'm heading
Will see us in each other's arms again
Got one last night without a bed
Then I'll drive just as fast as a dart
And when I get back home I'm staying
Once I'm finished all my straying like a hound.

Sweet love of mine
You're always on my mind
I see your face inside every sunrise
So I follow until it sets, like a crow without a nest
And hope to find my sunshine.

In my mind she's always smiling
and poking fun of everything
and her golden hair is a-flowing
As wavy as the lake I crossed
And her voice is just a whisper
Telling me she's been missing having me around.


The roads are all deserted
as I whistle my way on through the night
Feels like a heavy burden
has been lifted from my chest tonight
and when I wake up in the morning
I'll be one more step closer to her sound.
Track Name: Day It All Goes Down
I'm just sitting here waiting for the day it all goes down
I'm getting tired of watching all the wheels go 'round
And I'm tired of people walking 'round like they're wearing a crown
I'm just sitting here waiting for the day it all goes down.

You are my home, baby you're my brightest light
You are my home when nothing else feels right
With you by my side I could up and get out of town
Would you run with me on the day it all goes down?

Tell me why is man's work the reason that the earth is crying?
Why does nobody see that we're all in the pan frying?
I never understood why our economy is in the sky
If nothing's real no more, why do we even try?

I've got no need for their towers built so high
I don't need their paperwork and I don't need their lies
All's I want is to feel my bare feet on the ground
And run away from here on the day it all goes down.

Track Name: Dwell In His House Forever (Psalm 23)
Psalm 23 (scripture)