Mud Boggin' Blues & Other Tunes

by Nathaniel Krikke

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A random mix of tunes that did not fit in other albums, roughly based on the wet, muddy spring of 2017.


released August 19, 2017

All songs written and recorded and produced by Nathaniel Krikke.
*Additional vocals by Tori Krikke on track 3*



all rights reserved


Nathaniel Krikke Vega, Alberta

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Track Name: Mud Boggin' Blues
Water table's higher than its been in 60 years
Its ten in the morning and I'm crackin' a beer
And I don't know if its pourin rain or pourin tears
Farmers at the Coop grumble 'bout the weather
In times like these we're all birds of a feather
Pour a cup of coffee and try to forget your fears.

Last year's harvest is all still layin'
Combines in the mud and everyone's prayin'
They won't need to use their towropes or their chains
Calves are dyin' in the soupy corral
And its only gettin' wetter as far as I can tell
Saturated ground's had about all it can take.

If the seeders could go that would be real nice
But its lookin' like we should all start seedin' rice
This moisture has got the prairiemen shakin' in their boots
A couple guys are going but they must be nuts
Either that or they must be making ruts
But everyone's got the mud boggin' blues.
Track Name: Secondary Highway 661
There's a road a mile south
That you might have heard about
I must have driven it a thousand times
Its the mightiest dirt track
Across four counties and back
And it leads me back to when I was a child

In the winter it gets choppy
Come springtime it gets sloppy
Gets torn up by those tractor trailer tires
But that's when I love it best
When you can't keep the wheels in check
'Cause the shoulders spread a mile from side to side

They're gonna pave that road
Gonna pave the muddy road
Gonna take away a load of slippin' slidin' fun
Its the widest road of gravel
That you're ever gonna travel
Drivin' down the 661

Well it occurs to me
That you might all disagree
When I tell you they should leave that road alone
The highway might be slicker
But the traffic will be thicker
And you're gonna miss your peaceful country home


The popular opinion
Calls for layin' down the bitumen
And I guess they better get what they want
But it'll always be
A gravel road to me
O Lord I'm gonna miss that 661

Track Name: Barb Wire Fences
There's a barb wire fence around my heart
Its hard to get inside; even harder to depart
There's a barb wire fence around my heart
But you'd been jumping fences from the start

I've been trying my whole life to tear it down
But it leaves me scarred and lonesome; man it runs me to the ground
Been trying my whole life to tear it down
But now I leave it standin' since you came around

Barb wire fences
Keep things under control but they'll tear you right apart
Barb wire fences
They're good 'round you're cattle but they're no good around your heart

Still causes me trouble most every day
Everybody who I talk to sees my fence and turns away
Still causes me trouble most every day
What they see when they look at me is hard to say

I've always been a man with nothing to say
When youre stuck behind a fence the outside world just fades away
Ive always been a man with nothing to say
All I need's a little greener grass to graze


Barb wire fences
They're good 'round your cattle but theyre no good around your heart
Track Name: Hey There Neighbour
Hey there neigbour where you heading?
Hey neighbour have you travelled many miles?
Neighbour said "I'm just heading west to the Rocky Mountain air"
"Oh hey neighbour, hey neighbour we can take you there"

Side of the road, cars rollin' by
We were layin' our heads down for night
Neighbour set up his tent, then he came right back around
Said "O hey neighbour, hey neighbour would you like to burn one down?"

"Are we gettin close to the prairies?
Are we gettin close to Calgary
I come from across the pond where countries are as big as your front lawn
And oh hey neighbour, hey neighbour I ain't ever driven this long"

"Youll know the prairies when you see 'em
And oh they're such a fine sight to see
People say theyre just too flat, people say there aint enough trees
But oh hey neighbour, hey neighbour the prairies is home to me

Neighbour asked us, "what is there to do
In the Alberta grasslands and sloughs?"
"Well you can howl with the coyotes, or just drive til the gas is gone
And oh hey neighbour, you might need some whisky to keep you warm."
Track Name: Pull You Through
A tough year in the prairies now that it might have been
But dont you lose heart now my friends
The Lord has given plenty, now its time to take away
So be glad for what you have, dont complain

Because the Lord will pull you through
The Lord will pull you through
He'll reward you for your patience and your struggles too
The Lord will pull you through

As long as you learn to be satisfied with nothing
Youll know how to shrug your shoulders and keep truckin
You know it never helps to point fingers in blame
So you might as well just grin and bear the pain